Healthcare Priorities

Safe & Legal Access To Reproductive/Family Planning Healthcare

Deciding if and when to have children is the right of people who can become pregnant. That’s why I have fought hard to protect the right to safe and legal access to abortions since I was elected. As well as worked diligently to expand access to free or low cost contraceptives since I was elected. Here is a helpful resource for people who are in New Mexico and need an abortion.

Behavioral Healthcare

Behavioral healthcare is critical to supporting success in life.  Substance abuse, whether through alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, impacts youth development and education, adults in their jobs and relationships, and our community with increased homicides, suicides and early deaths. Check out this article for more information about the price we all pay for alcohol abuse in New Mexico.

Health Services for People With Disabilities & Caretakers

In New Mexico disability health services have been underfunded for years. That leaves many of our most vulnerable family members, friends and neighbors waiting for the help they need for far too long. As an active member of the interim committee under Legislative Health and Human Services, I have  worked to bring attention and legislation to solve these and other Disability Rights issues – including groundbreaking Guardianship protections.