Defending Women’s Rights

Although women make up half our citizens, they continue to be underrepresented in government. Pursuing my education while raising two children as a single mother enforced in me the idea that despite the unique challenges women face, there are few protections and support offered to women trying to do better for themselves and their families.

My record as a fervent supporter for equal pay for equal work, and in the protection of a woman’s right to choose have earned me the endorsement of groups such as Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List. I also co-sponsored HB 16, which sought to decriminalize abortion in the state.

Offering A Quality Education

The state of New Mexico ranks 50th in education — this is unacceptable. The focus on testing over teaching has done a disservice to our children.

Instead of focusing on test scores, we must promote teaching to give all children the opportunity to succeed in the long term. This is why I co-sponsored HB 185, which sought to limit the number of hours students may be tested.

Early childhood education is key to a strong educational foundation. Programs like the  New Mexico PreK at Alpha School in my home county of Doña Ana offer opportunities for children from rural and urban communities who might not get the same educational benefits. We need to expand these programs to serve all New Mexico students.

    Investing In The Economy

    To create opportunities for our citizens, we must build a strong foundation for our economy to grow. I believe building a healthy and prosperous community depends on investment, both in our infrastructure and our people.

    Supporting our abundant natural resources such as wind and solar energy, and eliminating our dependence on oil and gas is just one of many ways we can promote a sustainable energy infrastructure for our state. In addition, expanding job training and apprenticeships  can help promote opportunities for our citizens seeking to build a better life. When we create these systems, we can build an economy that works for everyone, not just the few.

    When corporations have an unfair advantage, it puts strain on both our economy and our citizens. I’m opposed to tax cuts for the rich and corporate tax loopholes, both of which put the tax burden on the less fortunate.

    Providing Accessible Health Care

    With nearly 1 million New Mexicans on medicaid, I believe in the expansion of medicaid, and healthcare for all. My time as a member of the Health and Human Services committee has shown me how our state fails our neediest residents.

    Creating accessible, affordable healthcare for all citizens, and expanding healthcare resources to rural communities makes sense, especially as healthcare costs continue to rise. Our state government spent almost $700 million on prescription drugs in 2016 alone, which was a 54% increase in just two years. This is why I co-sponsored SB 354, which would have formed a Pharmaceuticals Purchasing Council to require New Mexico state agencies to work together to pursue coordinated cost containment strategies. 

    Protecting the Environment

    The natural beauty of New Mexico should not be taken for granted. Not only do our citizens rely on our public lands for recreation, but our state economy relies on them for tourism as well. I support keeping the Organ Mountain Desert Peaks as a national monument and believe in protecting the status of all national monuments.

    Allowing the Trump administration to damage these resources for economic gain is not only a disservice to our citizens, who will lose access to these public lands, but a disservice to our environment as well.