Dear Neighbors and Friends,

We are now just 7 weeks until Election Day and the stakes couldn’t be higher! There are so many issues that are in desperate need of leadership at the Federal, State, and Local levels that it is critical that we work harder than ever to get like-minded people registered and have a plan to vote!

That’s what we need to talk about with our family, friends, and neighbors. You can request an absentee ballot right now by going to and when the actual ballots are sent out, you will receive one. If you wish, you may wait for an application request letter from the Clerk’s Office, and send that in to receive an absentee ballot. Both work to get an absentee ballot sent to you.

Once you get it, please fill out as soon as possible and be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Mail it ASAP, but no later than October 27th, 2020. If you don’t receive your absentee ballot in time for it to be received by the Clerk’s office, on November 3rd, then you also have the option, after October 6th, of taking it to a polling place and submitting it to a polling judge so it can be checked for signatures and accounted for. There should be a separate line for absentee ballot submissions so you don’t have to wait in line.

The Secretary of State’s office will be calling the different regional US Postal Service offices to request all ballots are sent out and received by Election Day.

This is the most important election of our lifetime, and we can’t afford to sit this one out! The time is now to protect us from the pandemic, expand access to healthcare, fully fund public education, fight for the environment, and keep our small businesses strong! My team and I have been working hard to keep everyone safe during this pandemic – and we will continue to fight for you!

Unfortunately, Republicans are not on the right side of history. My opponent and too many Republicans continue to be seen in public, pushing for unsafe re-openings, and pushing for policies backed by harmful groups such as Cowboys For Trump. This is the biggest fight of our lives – and I ask you to stand with me by voting early, donating at a grassroots level, and volunteering.

Volunteer By Going Here: Get Involved