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Building a Great Future for Us All!

Keys to a Great Future

  • For Our Students

    We should have a top rated educational system for our children. Joanne Ferrary will invest in early childhood education, emphasize teaching over testing, reduce class sizes, and increase teacher salaries.

  • Economic growth that builds on the strengths of our people and region

    Joanne Ferrary will help Las Cruces and our state make the most of our wonderful opportunities to build a healthy and prosperous community by expanding job training and apprenticeships, investing in our infrastructure and building an economy that works for everyone — not just a few.

  • Quality of life rooted in the diversity of our backgrounds and interests

    A big part of protecting our quality of life is making the most of our community’s assets like our diverse workforce, our public lands, the expanding border economy, and building on our abundant renewable energy and rapidly growing film industry.

  • Holding our legislators accountable

    We deserve a legislature that is ethical, effective, and committed to the good of all our people, not just a few. That’s why Joanne Ferrary will insist on high ethical standards for public servants, be an enthusiastic full-time legislator and will continue to refuse contributions from big oil and gas, big medicine and big pharmaceuticals.

    That’s how we start putting people first in Southern New Mexico

Joanne Ferrary