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A New Kind of Leader

It's easy to find things to disagree on. Lately, it seems like that's all the legislature does. Joanne Ferrary is different. She looks for challenges we can meet by working together.

As a professional and volunteer Joanne has fought to save lives on our roads and highways, working aganist underage drinking and DWI, and helping cut the state's alcohol-related traffic deaths in half.

Responsibility for ourselves and others. Working together to solve difficult problems. Who doesn't agree with that?

8 Reasons to Support Joanne Ferrary for State Representative

1. Equal Pay for Equal Work

2. Hard Work Deserves Fair Pay

3. Fully Funding Our Education System & Decreasing Class Size

4. Tax Breaks and Loopholes are Breaking the Bank

5. Sustainable Economic Development

6. Citizens of District 37 Deserve a Full-Time Legislator

7. Regulation to Protect our Environment

8. She gets things done!

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